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Understanding Ativan and Its Effects on the Body

Ativan is a benzodiazepine medication that is commonly prescribed to treat seizures and anxiety. It works by accelerating the GABA, which induces a calming effect on the body and mind. However, it is also a common drug of abuse, with many people taking it for recreational purposes. This can be dangerous, as Ativan must be taken under the supervision of a doctor to ensure its safe use.

How Long Does Ativan Stay in Your System?

Ativan is a fast-acting drug with a long half-life. The medication’s half-life is 12 hours, meaning its metabolite will be present in the system for up to 5-6 half-lives before being completely eliminated. Several factors can affect how long Ativan stays in the system, including dosage, body type, age, and other substances being taken alongside it.

Drug Screening for Ativan

Several tests can detect Ativan’s presence in the system, including urine, blood, hair follicle, and saliva tests. The duration of detection varies depending on the test, with urine tests showing Ativan up to six days after the last dose and hair follicle tests detecting it for up to one month after exposure.

Factors Affecting How Long Ativan Stays in the System

The dosage of Ativan plays a pivotal role in how long it stays in the system. Heavy users may test positive for up to 90 days after quitting, while regular users can test positive for up to 45 days after their last use. Body type and age also play a role, with higher body fat content and older age resulting in slower elimination of the drug from the system.

How to Get Ativan Out of Your System

To get rid of Ativan metabolites, it is essential to follow specific tips, including staying hydrated, exercising regularly, and getting a good night’s sleep. It is also important not to stop Ativan abruptly, as this can result in severe withdrawal symptoms. Seeking professional intervention and following a holistic approach to quitting Ativan is recommended.

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